new forms

found oil painting cut with a scalpel..newforms

I’m involved in a couple of really cool group shows coming up soon, one in sunny Falmouth in May, and another in Stroud this April.. More details as soon as i have them, Along with some other exciting news..

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long overdue update..

I’ve just realised i’ve been so busy my blog has had no updates since October!

Im currently working away on a couple of big projects (i cant show you for a month or so yet, sorry) But in the mean time i’ll update with a few nicer photos of the silo sculpture and a few other shots from around the workshop.battersea1web battersea2web workshopwebI’m kind of in the middle of uploading and labeling photos to a new website that i’ll be switching over to at some point soon . .  I’ll add more details soon . .

Also, thankyou for all the nice comments and messages about the silo over the last few months!


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Battersea AAF

The battersea AAf opened this evening, So it seems like a good time to post a picture of my Silo instalation. it’s 18ft high and around 850kg

It’s Currently in battersea park outside the Affordable arts fair.


I also have a great deal of new work on display with ART* gallery (stand j8)

please go and have a look if your in the area, and let me know what you think. I’ll post some better pictures in the next few days..

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Battersea AAF installation

It’s only two weeks until the Battersea affordable arts fair! As i mentioned before I was invited to create a sculpture to celebrate the fairs 15th anniversary. I’ve had an idea in my head for a few years about trying something really big, so this seemed like the perfect time to give it a try.

I’ve been working flat out for the last couple of months getting everything ready.. This teaser photo goes some way to showing the scale I’m working on, but I’m afraid your going to have to wait until the show to see the finished installation.

Im also showing a huge amount of newly completed work with Art* on stand J8

please email for half price tickets to the show.

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Battersea AAF

At last I’m now able to say i’ve been commissioned by the AAF to create a giant sculpture for the Battersea AAF this October!

I’m working on the project at the moment along with lots of other new pieces to be shown for the first time at the fair. I dont want to give away to much about the finished piece before it’s installed but i will say it’s very big! 


This new piece “apples” will be on show at Battersea along with lots more new work.

For half price tickets to the fair please visit



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60 days of summer . .

So a long overdue update . . .

I’m currently exhibiting in a group show titled “60 days of summer” with the curious duke gallery in london, visit the website here(60)-days-of-summer

London City Gave the show a great review here, and said some very kind things about my work..

But what most jumped off the walls at me here was Dan Rawling’s Building the Den 01 & 02. These are antique wood saws that’ve been assaulted with a plasma cutter, forestry scenes being carved from the sheet metal of the saws.  First and foremost they are beautiful, intricate objects; the worn sturdiness and weight of the saw contrasting perfectly against the detail of the design upon them.  The minute gaps beetween the leaves of the branches are a sight to behold – organic chaos in flat metal.  But there’s also a playful humour in action here – a hall of mirrors effect in which the very thing the saw is meant to destroy is outlined in such beauty.  It’s ace.

- See more at:


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Hampstead AAF

Im currently finishing  and framing new work for the Hampstead Affordable Arts Fair in june..


it runs from june 12 to 15th, you can find my work with the Curious Duke Gallery..

If your interested in half price tickets, check the Curious Duke website

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